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  Ecommerce, shopping carts, and content management system are all part of automating your website and these methods are all pretty standard these days and can typically be purchased ‘off the shelf’. But businesses are starting to realise that a lot more of their workflow can be merged with their website often saving significant time speeding up the processes between customers, office staff and suppliers.

Why Use Us ......
Our speciality is the ability to understand the client’s business processes and how employees, customers and suppliers interact together. We then identify and produce a more automated way to achieve the same results and with significantly:
Less employee time
Streamline your business processes
Better inter employee communications
Faster information from customers to employees and vice versa
Same is true for suppliers
Better management reports & visibility into the company performance

Examples of Web Automation ......
Within any business you will typically have a website, office software, phones and maybe remote offices. Imagine the time that could be saved if customers can access job information and job status, upload documents and drawings all from a web portal which links directly with your office software?

Customer web portal allows customers to access the latest job status - Request quotations - Place orders - Upload documents and drawings - View and download invoices - Record history of all documents viewed

Supplier portal Supplier uploads invoices - Places orders with suppliers - Record when deliveries are due - Share certain job information and documents

Document sharing Dedicated web portal

Web forms and requests for information from your website immediately entered into your CRM database ready for your sales team to action

Online Web Purchases to feed into your business invoicing package

To view/reserve a resource such as a room in real time
Our products and solutions are tailored to suit each customer and typically cannot be bought ‘off the shelf’. We do however, have a core of knowledge and experience that allows us to build on past projects and therefore offer very cost effective solutions

Whatever your product, service, or interest, Infotek Software provides a professional web presence for businesses and individuals with optional ability to link and share information with other technologies.

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Find out more about our "Connected" range of software - Business Software linked to  a web portal and mobile phone.

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