Linked Up Business Processes

How we help customers solve business challenges
We combine our business tools and experience with our range of internet, website, PC software and mobile applications to automate and speed up work steps and processes. We've been providing business solutions since 2004 utilising the latest technology to get the very best for our customers.

Combining our business experience, software and tools provide: options and report layouts that are easily changed and designed around your existing forms and reports. Features can be turned on or off depending on the needs of your work process. We’ve worked with many different industries and trades and if you have a challenge with your work process, then please call to discuss as we probably have a solution.

Links offices and staff where ever they are located using the latest technology, software and business practices
PC software connects to web pages, Mobiles and other PC's via the internet and to the main database and file storage area
Options and report layouts are easily changed and designed around your existing forms and reports.
Websites automated to record information, make calculations, upload files and other actions required to interface with customers and suppliers.
Engineers can view job details and update reports & job sheets in the field
Customer web portal for job status, invoices and reports
Supplier's can update the web portal with expected delivery dates and status

Choose from Ready Built Solutions or Designed for you
Our software and tools provide "off the shelf" options that are easily changed and designed around your existing work processes. Features can be turned on or off depending on your needs.

However, if you do have very unique work processes, reports or data gathering requirement then if necessary we can build a bespoke solution. Our approach ensures that costs, design and build times are kept to a minimum by using BusinessFlow as the foundation for the solution. And by using BusinessFlow as the foundation also ensures that you will continue to benefit from future product improvements and upgrades.

All three elements are linked to the same web based MSSQL database and file storage area which provides a very flexible and cost effective solution for automating your business processes.

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